Current Board/Advisory Board Responsibilities

Mr. Noguchi currently serves as a board member/advisory board member/executive advisor of the following companies in the U.S. and Japan and provides advice on business strategies, scalable business models, repositioning, strategic partnering, management staffing, board re-composition, venture funding, M&A and IPO strategies to help these companies maximize their shareholder value.


AuriQ Systems (Pasadena, CA), providing enterprise users and network service providers with leading-edge software in the areas of real-time log and bandwidth analysis and real-time recommendation engine. (AuriQ Systems)

Fast Forward Events (Laguna Hills, CA), a leading-edge database marketing company, providing closed-loop eMarketing solutions around customer acquisition, cross-sell/up-sell, and retention. (Fast Forward)

Mobile Gates (Orange County, CA), a pioneer in mobile application development and couponing systems. (Mobile Gates)

Order Cup (Orange County, CA), an expert in streamlining and automating order management, fulfillment and shipping for ecommerce by providing real-time, precise order status from the point of ordering to delivery. (Order Cup)

Wrethink (San Diego, CA), a pioneer in family management solutions. (Wrethink)

Cornerstone onDemand (NASDAQ: CSOD) (Santa Monica, CA), a cloud-solution leader in helping organizations recruit, train and manage their people. (Cornerstone onDemand)


Sumitomo Corporation (TSE: 8053) (Tokyo), currently serving as an advisor to the Information Technology Industry Division and the Telecom and Business Infrastructure Division of this $20B global trading company. (

Soliton Systems (JASDAQ: 3040) (Tokyo), a leader in security solutions for enterprises. (Soliton)

Unirita (JASDAQ: 3800) (Tokyo), a leader in systems automation software for enterprise in Japan. (Unirita)

co-meeting (Tokyo), a startup company specializing in social marketing and collaboration tools for enterprise. (co-meeting)

Daikokuya (Tokyo), a leading retailer for pre-owned premier-brand goods. (

Sonix, Ltd. (Tokyo), one of the upcoming start-ups specializing in Android and iOS technologies. Recently released two open source products in the Android space. A 2011 winner in Red Herring Global 100. (Sonix)